What is Classically Abby?

Welcome to the Classic Crew! I created Classically Abby for the women who love to peruse YouTube and Instagram, but are constantly bombarded with content that has nothing to do with their values and worldview. Here, traditional women have a space to talk about their lives from a classic perspective and find a community of women who feel the same way. 

I started Classically Abby with a dream of creating a community that I never had while I was in college. I had always wanted to find influencers who viewed the world from a classic perspective. I wanted to watch women who cared about their appearance, demeanor, and character, rather than glorifying their "mess." I wanted to learn how to embrace my femininity! After attending the University of Southern California and the Manhattan School of Music to obtain three degrees in operatic performance, I found myself at a loss. I had left behind my traditional values and had kept quiet about my own views for the entirety of that time. 

It was then that I knew I needed to use my experience to give other women the community I lacked. As a wife, mama, entrepreneur, lover of all things fashion, and a self-taught makeup artist, I knew that I could be the first woman to bring you the feminine content you craved with a classic twist. 

So why did I choose the name Classically Abby? Because I'm a classic kind of girl. A nude lip and a cat-eye never go out of style, and a dress always looks great with a fun pair of heels. I'll almost always choose a feminine outfit over a comfy one, and I think that wearing something less revealing leaves more to the imagination. I like cooking my husband dinner and I love being married. Being a mama and wife are my most important jobs, and raising my son is the greatest gift and responsibility one could hope for. I have traditional values and I'm not afraid to share them! And I'm also a classical kind of girl. I'm an operatically trained singer! I love classical music and I think there's a ton we can learn from opera and apply to every day life.

Join the Classic Crew and together: Let's Be Classic.

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I'm a wife, mama, opera singer, entrepreneur, YouTuber, and your guide to becoming the classic woman you've always wanted to be! Follow me on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter to see how! And together, let's be classic.